March 22, 2007

Birthday & Beach Fun

Iman cakap "Naik swing lagi ke? Naik walker lagi best.."
Lulu had a blast visiting her cousins in Kemaman last weekend. We were there for Sister Aida's 6th birthday, which we celebrated on Saturday. Sunday morning saw us at the beach behind Kak's house - DeMonique's Bay (kalau dlm bahasa melayu - Teluk Mok Nik.. hehee). Both Lulu & Iman enjoyed the swing at the beach although Iman looked a bit bored in pic.. maybe bacause she's been there lots. Lulu cried when we let the waves wash her feet. You can tell how takut she was by how tightly she hugged her dad in pic above.

March 8, 2007

Funny faces


That looks so yummy!

Kami rappers Yo!

I dream of milkland! :D

Sejuk la mommy!