January 22, 2008

A post for Lulu: A jog down Lorong Bunga Tanjong

Finally as promised, me in my green t-shirt in front of Atok's house. I must have been around 4 or 5 when that picture was taken.. and that brown skirt was also one of my favourites.

Now this one was given to me by my mom a few months back. She said it reminded her of Lulu & Iman :) That was of-course me and my sister. I guess amongst all my siblings, she was and still is the closest to me. We played, fought and got beaten together. Nowadays, we gossip, talk and shop together :D

January 14, 2008

Now my heart is full

I just cant help but marvel at this picture. I just love the radiance of the yellow rose combined with Lulu's toothy grin - just makes my heart full! This picture was taken during our 2007 post Raya Haji trip to Perlis and the yellow rose is of course a compliment from Atuk's garden.