October 21, 2007

A Parent's Nightmare

I was ready to post Lulu's raya pics when this happened. Lulu took a tumble from the sofa yesterday. Our hearts break as her shrieking cries pierce the afternoon. We rushed her to emergency after looking at the bloody, bruised and swollen lips & nose. Alhamdulillah.. the x-ray comforted our worries of a broken nose. However, the after-shock of the tumble has left her with a fever and runny nose. As advised by the Doctor, we are monitoring her closely for any changes in her behavior for fear of internal bleeding.

October 5, 2007

Artis Glamer

*No pictures please!

Movie star Lulu, 15 (months), keeps the paparazzi glare out of her eyes with her vintage-inspired oversized sunglasses while out and about in Wangsawood.

October 4, 2007

What's in a face?




10-cent face (muka seposen)